Monday, November 10, 2008

MayDay Orchestra Wrecks Shit....Historically Speaking.

On May 2nd this year, St. Louis was introduced to the May Day Orchestra. An allstar group of sorts, composed of St. Louis' pioneers of what could be dubbed the St. Louis Folk sound. Members of Bad Folk, Theodore, and Rats and People came together with a full night of musical review, capitulating the story of the Haymarket Martyrs to verse that is worthy of that surrender.

They are back again, to perform the piece, in the day of the execution of some of the Martyrs of the anarchist revolt of 1886. Come on down to Black Bear Bakery, on Cherokee Street, in St. Louis, Tuesday, November 11th, at 7:00 to hear the sounds of our dead. This event is also a fundraiser for the RNC 8.

There is an eery conection to the RNC 8 and the Haymarket Martyrs. Both number eight individuals, all of which being anarchist or anarchist affiliated, both groups framed up on ridiculous charges by the state, and both garnering the wide spread support, internationally, from the anarchist community.

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