Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A found desire.

Hello everyone, this is Michael. I recently posted about the death of the Franklin House, and laid out, what I felt, part of the reasons for the ceasing of activity here. I was wrong in some ways, and mostly reacting out of a space of hurt and confusion. I was hurt that yet another thing I was a part of building, was seeming to fall around me. I was confused at the lack of outrage from people at this prospect. I have decided though, after many days of meditation on this, that I am not willing to let go of these ideas so easily. I would very much like to see what we have built here grow and expand, making use of what we have learned to be negative aspects, and eliminating those things, but not eliminating any energy we have.

If anyone is interested in becoming collective members and taking the living space of those who are leaving, let us know and we can sit down and discuss all that this entails. If no one is interested in living here, but would like to see this place continue to grow and reshape our landscape, then let's find ways you can be involved.

There must be healing done here, that is for sure, and it must be done on all accounts of anything that has helped to bring us to a point of despair that led into the near dissolvement of all activities here. The next incarnation will hav eto be a core group of people that are aware of all of the aspects of a collective, and will probably require a period of learning about one another, and understanding each of our varied wants and needs in this community. The bottom line is, there are things that should bind us together beyond the small things that will tear us apart, and we must realize those things, and actualize them, mending along the way, the scrapes and bruises that will occur.

I am grateful to everyone who has been a part of building this place, and owe a debt to all of you, and that debt will be paid in persistence. I hoep that you can find it in yourself to become a part of this move, this energy, and add to it. I owe this rebirth of energy to our comrades, Jack Klatt, Sabyre, and the crew of the Catalyst info shop, in Prescott, AZ. Without speaking to the Catalyst, I am still reminded that we must, even if low in numbers and support, do what we feel is right. And this place jsut feels right to me.


Michael said...

This is good news!

mtrudy said...

this is a very common issue that comes up with ALL collectives and co-ops. it's hard to learn the tools to work with each other, while finding ourselves as individuals, especially in a society that does value or teach cooperation. sometimes it sucks to be involved in "alternative" culture, many times it's terrible and hard to straighten out our own thoughts, but overall, i've never heard anyone not appreciate the immense learning and experiences that take place when we really start sharing ideas and ways to create our own paths through life.

it takes years and longevity to build up a space and community. i support collectives!