Monday, October 27, 2008

In Case You Missed It....

Here is a list of links to some "best of" guests and moments on my radio show, Rabble Rouse Radio, which still airs live every Monday Night at .

David Graeber - anarchist anthropologist, author, professor, agitator.

Jim Green - anarchist professor, author of the book "Death In The Haymarket" a definitive portrait of the Haymarket Martyrs. Also joined by...Mark Damron, Secretary Treasurer of The IWW.

Mark Rudd - co founder of the Weather Underground, 60's Radical, 70's Fugitive, modern day liberal....what happened? find out here.

Shane Claiborne - as far as christians go, this on is one of the good ones.

Amy Goodman - Host of Democracy Now! True badass.

Camp Coldwater Resistance - A report from the Dakota People's resistance at Camp Coldwater.

Wobbly Barristas, the Starbucks IWW - calls from fellow workers from the Starbucks Unionized workers.

Seth Martin - great folk singer, activist, songwriter, and great guy. This is a really good show!

Listen to the oldies and join me every Monday Night at 9:00 PM Central for a lively discourse.

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