Monday, October 27, 2008

In Case You Missed It....

Here is a list of links to some "best of" guests and moments on my radio show, Rabble Rouse Radio, which still airs live every Monday Night at .

David Graeber - anarchist anthropologist, author, professor, agitator.

Jim Green - anarchist professor, author of the book "Death In The Haymarket" a definitive portrait of the Haymarket Martyrs. Also joined by...Mark Damron, Secretary Treasurer of The IWW.

Mark Rudd - co founder of the Weather Underground, 60's Radical, 70's Fugitive, modern day liberal....what happened? find out here.

Shane Claiborne - as far as christians go, this on is one of the good ones.

Amy Goodman - Host of Democracy Now! True badass.

Camp Coldwater Resistance - A report from the Dakota People's resistance at Camp Coldwater.

Wobbly Barristas, the Starbucks IWW - calls from fellow workers from the Starbucks Unionized workers.

Seth Martin - great folk singer, activist, songwriter, and great guy. This is a really good show!

Listen to the oldies and join me every Monday Night at 9:00 PM Central for a lively discourse.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

to get our feet dirty...

fair ophelia

photo by heather ray

Friday, October 17, 2008

Louis Ledford and the Return of Adam Lee....with Chili!

Louis Ledford

Hey All,
We are having a chili cook on Sunday with music provided by New Orleans' own Louis Ledford and the return of Adam Lee and the deadhorse sound company!

the chili cook is an ingredient potluck, so bring over a vegetarian ingredient and we will all pitch in to make a big ass pot of chili!

Chili cook starts at 5:00 with food and music and a campfire after dark.

Please bring a couple bucks for the musician, he is on tour and gas is fucking pricy.

Sunday Oct. 19th
5:00 PM - 12:ish
320 Tompkins
St. Charles, MO