Saturday, April 18, 2009

We Support Pirates!

From the seas of Somalia! Somali Pirates are lashing back at merchant ships and commercial fishers who have been stalking the sea of Aden, off Somalia's coast since the civil war began there. Despite the few of them that were killed by America and India (asia's America) they have harmed very few of their captive capitalists, generally treating their hostages well to the point of hiring caterers on the shores of Somalia to cook spaghetti, grilled fish and roasted meat that will appeal to a Western palate. They also keep a steady supply of cigarettes and drinks from the shops on shore. their purpose as stated by various pirates is one of revenge for the stealing of Somalia's food and aid, and the embargo on weapons for Somali people's while using Somalia as a virtual highway for American gun running. Right on mates!

The Pirate Bay!!! Freedom's just another word for no packaging on overpriced music from underpaid bands. We all know that downloading Metallica is not going to take away any of their Benzos (but hopefully take away their barber money), and "stealing" sound is pretty much impossible. If intellectual property were real, couldn't AC/DC be looking at 20 to life for stealing the same fucking song from themselves for the last 30 years? Oh wait, intellectual property requires...intellect. Free the Pirate Bay 4! and while you are at it, download our music for free and share it as much as you can.

Bottom line is this, whether you bought it or not, it was stolen from somewhere. There is nothing that we have that was taken from the earth by permission and I type this on a plastic keyboard that will never decompose, made by slave wage workers in a country that doesn't even have internet available by a worker who could never afford the keyboard, let alone the computer. Everything is stolen, at least pirates share the bounty!

Historically speaking, pirate ships were rogue contractors for the elite of Europe, whose crew recognized the thievery they were sent to do for a a pittance of nothing, and decided that they would take it back. They are documented as being extremely egalitarian (if even because the threat of sure death hung over their heads if they fucked each other over) and ran mostly on consensus. Of course not all crews worked this way, but let's not let hollywood tell us that piracy is a history of dark origin, and let's not let Fox news tell us that Somali Pirates or Internet Pirates are our enemy.