Thursday, July 17, 2008

no horror stories in front of users

has playing on his myspace profile ANGELFUCK, a Misfits cover by World Police,
a band of fat drunk bastards from St. Lou donning lucha libre masks.
the whole thing
still doesn't seem real
more like an eloborate social satire
we play along with.

watch rambo with old friends
he is on leave for a few days
he tells me lately he's been looking up murders and suicides on youtube
as the blood splatters so well on the big screen that it pretty much explodes off of the telivision and onto our laps.
this is the only war movie he's watched since he's been in the service.
ourfriend talks about snorting H
I tell them about my girl's best friend who died of a heroin overdose, tell him to be careful.
he says
no horror stories in front of users
I guess that's how it goes.
I tell him I can find him a place to hide in the woods in Kentucky if he doesn't want to go back
he says he only has one more tour of duty.
talk about the Misfits
Bad Religion
war movies
and he casually mentions he killed 3 men
go back to catching tags and drinking 40s in the suburbs
in the daytime

backdropped by the useless luxuries
unknowing hit men
send him to murder and be murdered for.

-sean arnold

_(fuck work, write poetry)_


Dan Jaboor said...

put a comma after "fuck" and you've described the perfect day.

Michael said...

Intense... I often wonder if anyone I know has killed anyone over there. It doesn't seem real but I know it's happening. I guess that's how it works. "So it goes", one might say.

James Joseph said...

nice. original?