Monday, July 28, 2008

holy!holy!holy! sunday aug. 3rd

the boys are coming home!!! holy!holy!holy! is making their way back to st. charles and will be closing their tour with a house show, here at the franklin house. it's james birthday and a franklin house-get out of tour debt benefit show. come enjoy road stories, food, music and the last performance with ian before we ship him off to europe.

sunday, aug. 3rd
bring vegetarian food, if you can and a chair if you want to sit... but the rest of us will be dancing!

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unpunk said...

Hello there, it's Kat North from PDX... I just wanted to know if you guys had an address that I could send the drum tobacco James left in my car, and a few copies of my zine to?
I'm sort of hungover, or else this message might be more entertaining.

Email me at!