Monday, June 2, 2008

re-lived lucidity

Absynthe, 1st commercialized in early 1800s emerged as a powerful icon of freedom during ______ peroid and it was during this time that the highly perfumed spirit reached unparelleled popularity and cult status among the worlds of art and literature. Once proclaimed to fuel the fires of creaticity and subsequently demonized, Absynthe has re-emerged as a high quality, fine alcoholic liberation recalling those earlier artistic times.

I see the empty bottle of absynthe with the slanted cat eyes printed across the surface of the bottle resting next to my computer and sem empty glasses and soaked cig buts on the table in the garage/studio amidst the bright monster paintings of demon faces, snarling woman with skeleton teeth, graffiti skulls, and holies. I think about 2 nights many naked bodies with hellish screams, droning instruments, purging of fear and shame, my incantations till my throat was dry and then more incantations and...sparklers forced up urethras...when it all came of evil flourishing to something more holy...bliss was not just possible but certain...when we all tapped into the human perpetual motion machine.
There is this much ________ left floating in a cup w/ a bit of black stuff floating on top. I don't even mull it over. I take the last sip, remember, live again. The syrup soaks my throat for a little while. One must always be drunk, if just for a bit.

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