Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Travis Howe, here June 12th! Followed by open discussion.

Travis Howe, singer and guitarist of such midwest legends as Disasternaut and more recently, the progressive metal band
Ash & Ember, will be playing his hallucinatory mix of improv guitar and chanting, evoking desert journeys in July with a cheap car and expensive drugs.

The whole thing starts around 7:00 pm and we are asking for $5 donation, but if you do not have that, still come on out. Keep in mind the cost of gas for these fellows and the cost of keeping the franklin house alive.

James Munoz of the Bled was penciled in to play this night but had to cancel. Sorry. I know we here at the franklin house would have loved to have had some time to hang out with James, as whe is an old friend, but sometimes that kind of thing just doesn't work out.

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