Sunday, September 13, 2009

Holy! Reunion and FRESH film showing.

We will be showing the film FRESH at the Franklin House on October 3rd. All are welcome to join us in the back yard for an outdoor showing of this super informative and inspirational film about farmers who strive to give back more to the earth than they take from it. Monsanto haters and earth lovers alike will love this film!

There is a potluck starting around 7:30, depending on when the Webster University Get The Folk UP! Fest is over.Holy!Holy!Holy! is reuniting and the Folk Fest at Webster is set to be our first show back! Also playing that show is David Rovics, Al Baker and The Garden Plot Jackals (holy members new hip hop project). After the show at Webster, let's all go back to the Franklin House for a potluck and film. Please try to push yourself to bring a small dish made of locally grown foods, or perhaps just grab a couple of veggies from your garden or some fruit from a neighbors fruit tree and potluck the ingredients for a great salad or stir-fry!

FRESH the movie | Screenings


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