Friday, January 16, 2009

Tonight at the Franklin House

Tonight, here at the house, Mike Cannon, of "This Week In Radical History" and "The Mike Cannon Show", both available on Radio 4 All
, will give us a presentation on Aftershock Action Alliance, a collective based in New York that focuses on Community Response to emergency situations.

from their website:
September 11th wasn’t first and Katrina wasn’t the last. Capitalism, Nation states and a culture of consumerism have conspired to make our planet more and more unstable. The fear inspired by disasters plays into the hands of those destroying people, animals and the planet for profit. Our governments (technologies, religious leaders, etc.) cannot protect us but they can certainly get us killed.

Come on over and eat with us at 6:30, and catch the presentation at 8:00. It is, as always, FREE, but donations to the collective are more than welcomed.

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