Sunday, May 25, 2008

the franklin house manifesto

we are here. some of us have gravitated here out of sheer love, and others as refugees from a world where that love was absent. we are here now and this is just a start.

we began as a family unit, mother, father, husband, wife, children, brother, sister. what was, at one time, a rental property to fit the needs and wants of that family, quickly became a gathering place for dissidents, artists, poets, misfits, and those who found solace in a home filled with books, art and food. those who took note that the living room was just that...alive! the place where conversation and critique, praise and understanding came together. those who noticed first that there was no television in the gathering room. those who needed to research their lives and found encyclopedic bibles of humanity falling from the tables bearing names of minor gods like whitman, rimbaud, baraka, ginsberg (holy!allen!) miller, kerouac, and the heavens list reads onward to eternity, and they thanked them with small prayer over dishes and children.

the yard has since been deemed holy! and now brings food for any who enter it. the garage which hosted automobiles now holds in fire of art and spray can whispers. the basement of darkness now sings with life and adolescence. human ingenuity and creative spirit have struck chord and ring true.

this home belongs to anyone with breath to share and will remain as such, even if the walls are ground to dust, we will ride the wind as dirt and cloud your vision of what america is. what the world is. we are no tomorrow, but today.

no time but now.
no life but death.
no yesterday, no tomorrow,
but today.
this day we begin.

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